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Tech Command website launches as a gateway for customer information and feedback.  Future changes planned for adding even more customer interaction.
February 28, 2007
Dell begins shipment of its Vista OS upgrade disks for customers having problems with upgrades.  We advise all clients to go to dell.com and register for an update.
Vista Launch
With the official Microsoft Launch of the Vista operating system, we have begun a round the clock vigil for our early upgrade customers.  While we don't as of yet recommend the switch for business, excitement is brewing.
Daylight Savings Time Alert
In 2005, Congress quietly passed a measure to begin daylight-saving time three weeks early this year. If the sun stays up later, went the logic, U.S. energy consumption would go down. The problem is if you have an older operating system (Older then XP SP2), you'll have to change the computer's clock on your own, and you may have to un-change it when it thinks the clock is supposed to spring forward on April 1. The same goes for any software that runs on affected systems.

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